Natural Products

Newlook Cosmetics proud to present the series of certified natural products. Our products are without parabens, silicone, coloring, sulfates even 99% of all the components are of natural origin.

Green Power

Our products are made from Aloevera, biodegradable, 100% natural fragrance and natural ingredients that retain and extended self life even without the use of conventional preservatives.

Effective Treatment

Our natural intensive hair treatment contains Aloevera oil designed to moisturize, smooth and soften your hair. The products are formulated to help leave hair looking and feeling softer and more manageable.

Newlook Shampoo

Newlook Shampoo is a reputable name in the field of hair care in India. The brand’s Newlook Aloevera Shampoo and Keshkala Shampoo are known to provide natural nourishment to the hair, while at the same time promote growth and make hair look beautiful.

Newlook Shampoo, an Udaipur-based hair care product manufacturer has pioneered the art of manufacturing effective hair care products and has a pan-India distribution network.

Natural products, For beautiful hair!

Newlook Shampoo revolutionary product line has helped thousands of patients suffering from hair troubles like:

  • Hair fall
  • Greying of hair
  • Dandruff

All the products are manufactured in state-of-art manufacturing facilities by using advanced facilities and herbal ingredients which ensure that the products do zero harm to your scalp and hair.

The natural origins of the ingredients make sure that the scalp is nourished from the inside and your hair possess a unique shine and strength like no other. All the products are free from any artificial preservatives ensuring that a person possesses naturally beautiful hair.

Aloevera Shampoo

A promise of beautiful hair

Newlook Aloevera Shampoo is a proprietary product of Newlook Shampoo that promises strong and beautiful hairs, naturally. Newlook Alovera Shampoo helps in bringing an end to your hair fall woes, controls dandruff and promise smooth, silky and soft hairs.

Aloevera is a known remedy for hair fall and controlling dandruff without any side effects and has been used for centuries as an effective hair treatment. Aloevera is a natural ingredient that is known for its excellent hair care properties.
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The shampoo comes with an added advantage of being a hair conditioner which makes hair shinier, glossier and much more beautiful than before.

Keshkala Shampoo

Effective hair treatment

Newlook Keshkala Shampoo is a unique formulation that is known to visibly treat the problem of greying of hair. The herbal ingredients used in Newlook Keshkala Shampoo ensures that the problem of grey hair is solved in a natural way.

The unique shampoo, conditioner and hair dye formulation is used by hundreds of individuals as an effective treatment for pre-mature greying and grey hair treatment. Newlook Keshkala Shampoo treats the problem of premature greying of hair effectively. To get the best results, use the shampoo thrice a week during the first month.

If you are struggling with dry and damaged hair, ir requires intensive care. The natural ingredients helps this series nourish and strengthen your hair type.

What users say about product

Anita Singh - Delhi

I was suffering from the problem of hair fall from many years. I would see myself being bald day by day and was not able to anything about it.  One day a friend suggested me Newlook Aloevera Shampoo. After using for Newlook Alovera Shampoo for a month, I realized that my problem of hair fall has been completely cured and not I use it regularly.

Anita Singh - Delhi
Prateek Jain - Bikaner

Dandruff was slowly eating up my self-confidence and I felt as if I would never possess a charming personality due to my hair. But after regular use of Newlook Aloevera Shampoo, my problem of dandruff was completely taken care of and I now have silky smooth and dandruff free hair, which make my personality attractive than before.

Prateek Jain - Bikaner
Riya Kalyanaraman - Vellore

From childhood, I was someone, who had very messy and thin hair. After many treatments and therapies, I felt hopeless about the problem of grey hair and hair fall. I just came to know about Newlook Keshkala then, and thought of giving it a try, After having used it for months, I felt a visible reduction in grey hair and thought of trying its Aloevera Shampoo, which is just like a boon for anyone who has many hair problems.

Riya Kalyanaraman - Vellore
Gurpreet Singh Dhillon - Ludhiana

Being a middle-aged man, I have gradually developed grey hair with time. After knowing about Newlook Keshkala Shampoo, I wanted to try it out because of natural composition. I have heard about many Keshkala products and their ineffectiveness. Finding herbal ingredients in Newlook Keshkala made me positive about the product and the results were astonishing. Now no one talks about my age as my hair are as black as any young man.

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon - Ludhiana